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Tomorr Hiking Tour

Tomorr Hiking Tour Packages
Country: Albania
City: Berat
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Hiking Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Hiking on the Holy Mount of Tomorr is an amazing experience. The region's holy mountain unfolds great beauties and a unique view of the wild surroundings.

The hiking tour lasts around 6 hours and it is available to everyone ( no professional skills are required ).

Day I-Arrival

Arrival in Berat and accommodation in a hotel

Festive dinner

Day II-Village Tour - Hiking


Departure to the village of Dardhe with an SUV

Hiking to Cuka Partizan

Picnic in the fabulous mountain valleys

Return to Berat

End of the program

You should have worn and taken with you: very warm light wear, shoes/sneakers for walking (strong and non-slippery), hood, gloves, scarf, sunlight protection cream, and a smile.

All your clothes and personal belongings are in a bag which can be easily transported on mules.


Price per person includes transport from the city to the mountain, hiking, visiting a local family, picnic lunch, accommodation, and traditional dinner.

Know More About Tomorr Mountain:

Tomorr is a mountain range in the region of Berat and Skrapar, in Albania. It reaches an elevation of 2,416 metres (7,927 ft) above sea level at the Çuka e Partizanit, which is the highest peak in central Albania.

Mount Tomorr is one of Albania's biggest water-collecting areas. Tomorr is situated within the Tomorr National Park, which is noted for its diverse species of deciduous and coniferous trees and a great variety of flora. Many endangered species are free to roam and live in this area such as bears (Ursus arctos), wolves (Canis lupus), and birds of prey.

As with Mount Olympus, Mount Tomorr’s presence in Albanian geography and folklore overshadows that of all other natural wonders of the land. With its imposing height of 2416 metres above sea level, the beauty and grandeur of this mountain have had an immense influence upon the collective imagination of Albanians throughout the ages. Even mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, there is no shortage of mythology and legend surrounding this mighty peak. You’ll see that the journey to Mount Tomorr is packed with adventures, both physical and symbolic.

Words cannot begin to describe this mountain’s dominance over the surrounding landscape. Positioned in the centre of a plain without neighbours, the mountain looks overall directions, unobstructed. The city of Berat looks over Tomorr in its east, while Mount Shpirag dominates the scenery in its west. Its craggy peaks, dense forests, abysses, and frequent storms, make this mountain simultaneously attractive and challenging for mountain climbers.

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