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Camping And Hiking Tour

Camping And Hiking Tour Packages
Country: Albania
City: Berat
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Mount Tomorr is a sacred site to both Christians, who climb it on Assumption day (August 15) to honor the Virgin Mary, and the Bektashi, with honor Abbas ibn Ali during an annual pilgrimage on August 20 -25.

In Albanian folklore, Mount Tomorr is anthropomorphized and associated with the legendary figure of Baba Tomor, envisioned as an old giant with a long flowing white beard and four female eagles hovering above him and perching on his snow-covered slopes.

According to German folklorist Maximilian Lambertz, Baba Tomor is the remnant of an Illyrian deity.

An exclusive 2-day camping and hiking trip in Mont Tomorr includes :

Transportation to the starting point ( Dardhe Village ) with an SUV

Picnic lunch

Barbecue dinner

Lunch in a village family/picnic

Tents (fully equipped) and camping


Mule for the transportation of the materials

Hiking guide


Mount Tomorr is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 2.382m (7,814ft) above sea level, located in Berat County, in southern Albania. It’s said to be the highest point in Albania that you can reach by car.

Located in the National Park Tomori (Parku Kombëtar Mali I Tomorrit), the infamous gravel road to the summit is bumped. It is subject to winter snowfalls with such a high summit altitude, and it can be closed anytime when the access is not cleared of snow. The area is characterized by an impressive landscape and beautiful nature. Expect a trail pretty steep with tight switchbacks.

Make sure you get your vehicle and yourself well-prepared before driving this road. 4wd vehicle required. The track is not used by lorries and can be overgrown and narrow, with little escape to either side. Stay away if you're scared of heights. After the rain, even a single rainfall, the conditions of the road can be challenging.

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