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Shkodra Tour From Durres

Shkodra Tour From Durres Packages
Country: Albania
City: Durres
Duration: 7 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Shkodra, the traditional centre of the Gheg cultural region, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The ancient Rozafa Fortress has stunning views over the nearby lake, while a concerted effort to renovate the buildings in the Old Town has made wandering through Shkodra a treat for the eyes.

As the Ottoman Empire declined in the late 18th century, Shkodra became the centre of a semi-independent pashalik (region governed by a pasha, an Ottoman high official), which led to a blossoming of commerce and crafts. Badly damaged by an earthquake in 1979, Shkodra was subsequently repaired and is Albania's fifth-largest town.

Rozafa Castle (fortress of Shkodra) - at the entrance of the town, 3km south of the city centre, located on a rocky hill 133m high. It is one of the biggest and most famous castles in Albania. The Rozafa castle has a fascinating history, that relates to one of the most beautiful of Albanian Legends. Archaeological excavations have yielded finds extending from the early Bronze Age until the present day. Within its massive defensive walls stand the Church of St. Stephen, several Venetian administrative buildings, a belfry and some medieval rooms. There is also a small museum and traditional restaurant

Mes Bridge (Ura e Mesit) - is 6 km north of Shkodra, near the village of Mesi, built-in 1768, over the Kir River. This is the largest and best-preserved Ottoman bridge in Albania, built along the ancient trade route from Shkodra to Kosovo. The bridge is 108m long, 3m wide, with 13 asymmetrical arches. The Kir river it crosses has incredibly blue, clear mountain water and the bridge is located in a picturesque landscape.

Shkodra Lake - on the border of Montenegro with Albania is in fact a former sea bay that was cut off from the Adriatic when the sea levels dropped, thousands of years ago. The lake is the largest in the Balkans at 41km long and with a surface between 370-530 km2. As its depth is up to 60 metres, the bottom of the lake is well below sea level, making it a so-called crypto depression. Shkodra Lake is one of the largest bird reserves in Europe, having some 240 bird species inhabiting its shores, including some of the last pelicans in Europe, and thus popular with birders.

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