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Voskopoja, Albania

Voskopoja came to prominence during the early 18th century when it was a stop along the Venice to Constantinople (Istanbul) trade route. During its heyday, it was home to twenty-six churches and was the center of Balkan Christianity during the time of Ottoman rule. Surprisingly enough, Voskopoja was also the largest city in the Balkans with a population of 35,000 residents. As a testament to the important role church played in the lives of early residents, each of the neighborhoods within the village had two churches and the entire village was home to several basilicas.A quick look at Voskopoja today does little to reveal how prominent the town once was. What was once the numerous churches that put the village on the map are now ruins; only a handful of the churches remain standing. Natural disasters, war, human pillaging, and neglect have left much of Voskopoja a sad shell of what it once was. Poorly maintained roads snake by both well maintained and neglected private residences.

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