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The Church Of Saint Nicholas

Voskopoja, Albania

The Church of Saint Nicholas, better known as Kisha Shën Kolli (Church of St. Nicholas) stands almost in the center of Voskopojë, and it is connected to the main square by Rruga Shën Kolli (St Nicholas Street).

The whole church plan shows a basilical arrangement, with a domed naos, a narthex, an arcade and a bell-tower. The bell tower, which still stands today, was made in 1936. The interior of the church was painted in 1726 by the eminent master David Selenica. The style of David’s paintings belongs to the traditional Paleologean art school, or the so called Macedonian school. The arcade of this church was painted in 1750 by the well-known brothers Kostandin and Athanas Zography from Korca. The iconostasis was painted in 1755/56 by Constantine Jeromonacos, one of the greatest masters of 18th century icon-making.The Church of Saint Nicholas is of outstanding national importance. It was proclaimed a Cultural Monument of the 1stcategory in 1948 for its high architectonic and artistic values, thus becoming one of the most visited churches in the Historical Centre of Voskopojë.


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