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Sotira Waterfall

Gramsh, Albania

If you like to chase waterfalls while traveling, Sotira Waterfall might just be the most spectacular waterfall in Albania.

Waters flowing from Mount Tomorr into rugged limestone cliffs create the Sotira Waterfall, one of nature’s spectacles that attracts an increasing number of tourists year after year. Its waters fall from various heights of 20-100 meters, hitting the cliffs below at different speeds and creating an unforgettable, hypnotic scene!

Your journey toward Sotira Waterfall begins in the town of Gramsh (district of Elbasan) which, situated only 16 kilometers from the waterfall, is the starting point from where you reach the village of Sotira. The winding road is unpaved so it may take about an hour to get there. Once you arrive in the small village, you will have to hike for about an hour and a half. In winter, it is a bit more challenging and sometimes impossible to pass it.

The surrounding nature is untouched, bathed in astounding greenery and freshness created by the several springs scattered throughout the trail. At the end, the waterfall appears in all its glory!

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