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Lekurs Castle

Saranda, Albania

Lekurs Castle is today only a sixteenth century castle with tourist value, a former ancient village.

The castle is situated between the ruins of the village of skin on the top of a hill that rises high above the city of Saranda. There is a special strategic position from where you can see the entire city of Saranda and the road that runs in Butrint, also can enjoy a panorama of the islands and Ksamili. Has a square shape with two round towers located in the NW and SE. Round Box with two diagonal is the symbol of skinworker people in the Middle Ages in these areas. The first floor served as a warehouse. Clearly, from the position of deciding the main purpose of construction of the castle was the observation of the sea. The height of the walls reaches 6.7 to 7 m thicknesses of up to 2 m. Today the skin does a bar-restaurant with early architecture and more contemporary, provides an ideal service. It turned into one of the most beautiful tourist and most frequented for every tourist who visits Saranda.


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