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Ali Pasha Castle

Butrint, Albania

Ali Pasha's castle is located at the mouth of the Vivari Channel, controlling the Bay of Butrint and access to Lake Butrint and the surrounding landscape from the Straits of Corfu . A former survey at the castle concluded that there were two main periods of occupation, which were termed Venetian and Ottoman.This castle is only a small fortress compared with other major projects of the Pasha, such as the castles at Gjirokastra, Ioannina and Porto Palermo. However, it is a rare and fine piece of building that shows explicitly the impact of the new policy of the Vizier, overcoming a long tradition of openness to the sea. Ali Pasha only ruled for some 24 years in these lands, but his influence has proved enduring to this day. Closing the connection to the Corfu Straits affected the area so much that its rich fisheries were steadily abandoned and depopulation followed.

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