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Camping And Hiking Tour

Camping And Hiking Tour Packages
Country: Albania
City: Berat
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Walking

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Mount Tomorr is a sacred site to both Christians, who climb it on Assumption day ( august 15) to honor the Virgin Mary, and the Bektashi, who honor Abbas ibn Ali during an annual pilgrimage on August 20 -25.

In Albanian folklore, Mount Tomorr is anthropomorphized and associated with the legendary figure of Baba Tomor, envisioned as an old giant with a long flowing white beard and four female eagles hovering above him and perching on his snow-covered slopes.
According to German folklorist Maximilian Lambertz, Baba Tomor is the remnant of an Illyrian deity.

An exclusive 2-day camping and hiking trip in Mont Tomorr includes :

  • transportation to the starting point ( Dardhe Village ) with SUV

  • picnic lunch

  • barbecue dinner

  • lunch in a village family/picnic

  • tents ( fully equipped) and camping

  • bonfire

  • mule for the transportation of the materials

  • hiking guide

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