Exploring Tourism in Albania
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Albania Popular Places to Visit

Sotira Waterfall

If you like to chase waterfalls while traveling, Sotira Waterfall might just be the most spectacular waterfall in Albania.

Waters flowing from Mount Tomorr into rugged limestone cliffs create the Sotira Waterfall, one of nature’s spectacles that attracts an increasing number of tourists year after year. Its waters fall from various heights of 20-100 meters, hitting the cliffs below at different speeds and creating an unforgettable, hypnotic scene!

Your journey toward Sotira Waterfall begins in the town of Gramsh (district of Elbasan) which, situated only 16 kilometers from the waterfall, is the starting point from where you reach the village of Sotira. The winding road is unpaved so it may take about an hour to get there. Once you arrive in the small village, you will have to hike for about an hour and a half.  In winter, it is a bit more challenging and sometimes impossible to pass it.

The surrounding nature is untouched, bathed in astounding greenery and freshness created by the several springs scattered throughout the trail. At the end, the waterfall appears in all its glory! 

Gramsh, Albania

Gjipe Beach

Visit this paradise. It’s located on the Albanian Riviera, between Dhermi and Himare.  the most remotely accessed beach of the region, is created in a very special way. Its shore it’s formed by a creek and on both sides of the beach there is a magnificent canyon (the canyon of Gjipe) with high rock formations up to 70m. It has quite a picturesque view and the almost total lack of human activity is obviously welcomed here!

Being a remote beach means that no cafes and restaurants are available, only one small cantina serving salads and fresh roasted fish and some refreshments. That means that you should take care of food and drink before you head to Gjipe.

Himara, Albania


Another ski destination, but in the southern part of the country. Dardha is one of Europe’s most affordable ski resorts, but it’s beautiful year round and always comes with refreshing mountain air. 

Korca, Albania


Lepushe is a great ski destination in the northern part of the country. Few international tourists find their way here, but you can be sure to get a unique ski experience!

Shkoder, Albania

Bovilla Lake

Just about 1 hour from the capital, one can enjoy this beautiful lake in the mountains near Tirana. It’s perfect for a day trip when you want to enjoy some nature instead of city life. 

Tirana, Albania

Grama Bay

One of the most beautiful beaches in Albania. Grama Bay is located south of Vlorë, and the only way to get here is either by hiking for 7 hours or go by boat.

Thanks to its remote location, you can expect to enjoy this paradise without massive crowds. 

Vlore, Albania

Lake Koman

For the most breathtaking scenery in the entire Balkans, visiting Lake Koman in Albania should be on anyone’s bucket list. Often described as one of the world’s great boat trips, the journey takes visitors from the hydro-electric dam at Koman to the port of Fierza.

While the locals that use the boat regularly may now take the rugged beauty of the Albanian mountains for granted, any first-time visitor will find the sights from the Lake Koman Ferry to be truly jaw-dropping. The trip on the ferry is also a great opportunity to see what life is like for many Albanians in remote areas.

Tirana, Albania


The largest town in the north of Albania, Shkodra is often considered the cultural capital of the country.

This is because it hosts events such as Carnival, Lake Day, the Children’s Festival and Shkodra Jazz Fest, while it is also home to a famous historic castle notable for its important role during the First Balkan War.

Shkodra has a simply gorgeous lake, while the medieval citadel of Drisht is only a few miles away. The famous Migjeni theatre is in Shkodra as well, along with an ace market that is well worth visiting. Shkodra’s Malazeze cuisine is perhaps Albania’s best too.

Shkoder, Albania

Ksamil Islands

The highlight of the Albanian Riviera is perhaps the Ksamil Islands, a remote group of three small islands located just off the coast, accessible only by boat from the small town of Ksamil.

Part of the larger Butrint National Park, the Ksamil Islands are a fantastic example of Albania at its most untouched and unspoiled.

Visiting the Blue Eye Spring is also a must for anyone who wants to experience what Ksamil has to offer during their magical Albanian break. July and August are the busiest time of year for the Ksamil Islands, but even then there are few tourists around here.

Ksamil, Albania


Saranda is one of the hottest tourism locations in Albania, with the town having undergone a huge amount of development in the last 20 years or so.

Saranda is home to some of the most unforgettable beaches in Albania, while the Unesco World Heritage site at Butrint is located just outside of Saranda and is well worth a visit too.

Lekursi Castle is one of the best places to go in Saranda, with people flocking here to enjoy stunning sunsets. Saranda is located a short trip across the Ionian Sea from the popular Greek island of Corfu.

Saranda, Albania